Top Russian Mobile Operator Adds Cloud Videoconferencing

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Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS), the largest mobile operator in Russia with more than 107 million mobile subscribers, launches VideoMost cloud videoconferencing service targeting its enterprise users.

VideoMost® videoconferencing service is available as part of the MTS Lite Office cloud platform (a marketplace of cloud SaaS applications for businesses) and supports up to 50 users in online meeting room.

The new service, based on SPIRIT DSP software engine, runs in all popular web browsers and mobile devices and has affordable pricing models starting from $10 per month.

VideoMost tech

By clicking on a web link VideoMost SaaS, MTS enterprise customers can use HD multipoint video conferencing and collaboration tools, including content/document sharing, chat, whiteboard, conference recording, and more. VideoMost also supports multiple layout configurations.

VideoMost is an award-winning multipoint videoconferencing software product, delivered by SPIRIT DSP as a self-branded HD SVC videoconferencing service from the cloud or with on-premise installation. The software supports up to 100 fully interactive video participants in a conference room plus video broadcast to 1500 more people. VideoMost software server supports an unprecedented 1000 concurrent video channels per $4000 PC hardware,cutting down service providers' costs for hardware server infrastructure.

VideoMost includes admin controls with single authorization and contact lists; desktop/file sharing, recording and messaging capabilities; LDAP support, integration with emails and calendars, SIP support for legacy videoconferencing endpoints; presence and more functions.

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