About Us

Mobile Channels is a website, eNewsletter and content provider that informs and supports the dealers, distributors, brokers and vendors that sell smartphones, tablets, mobile devices and mobile accessories to consumers and enterprises.

We believe those companies who compose this "third party channel” that sell smartphones and mobile devices will be transformed as the mobile revolution continues.

Many sites and newsletters in each country do focus on mobile phones, but this is one of the few pan-European sites that will focus on the mobile channel:  the process by which we bring mobile devices, mobile software and apps to market.

We’d like to put forth a few examples of the editorial you can expect from MobileChannels. You’ll find us insightful, useful, factual and a help to your business. You’ll find us a useful place to read about key channel players in EMEA. You’ll find an international perspective that transcends Europe’s many national journals.

We will also bring special insight with sections such as Apps Business. Apps drive the industry but how do companies make money off these Apps?

We’d also like to share a few of our qualifications: as Channel Media Europe Ltd. we’ve been covering smartphones for years as we are a pan-European channel publisher for consumer IT, consumer electronics, value-added IT, digital signage, professional video integrators, and Apple channels.  So actually we have one of the best perspectives on mobile as we see it from all directions instead of viewing it from inside a vertical market. Traditional mobile journalists may have to guess at the impact of consumer IT, video conferencing, mobile TV on mobile devices...but we have been following these intersections from the beginning.

We’ve been for years a sponsor of mobile technology channel pavilions at IFA and CeBIT. And we have been a media sponsor for international events like Gartner’s RetailVision, IT Channel Vision, Distree, CompTIA, GigaOm and more.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Bob Snyder, once served as the Marketing Manager for the North American Telecommunications Association (now part of TIA), the association that helped crack the AT&T monopoly and open up the US telecom market to independent channels. He also was the publisher of the SPAA reports at Telecom Geneva and served as an international consultant to Bell Labs, Nynex, Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, NEC and others. Today he is often seen as a moderator or participant in industry panels on mobile and mobile IT at events such as CompTIA, Gitex, xSolutions, CeBIT, ISE, Channel World and others.

MobileChannels is a unique pan-European publication that meets today's needs as mobile collides and converges with wider forces. We hope you enjoy reading our reportage and we hope you’ll sign up for our free weekly eNewsletter.

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