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Medialine's Latest Android

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Medialine launches the i7AN-G, the latest in its line of Android-powered tablets. 

i7AN-GThis model comes in a portable 7" format, bridging the line between smartphones and tablets further by allowing users to do phone calls by using their current SIM card. 

It carries a dual-core 1Ghz processor, complete with 3D hardware acceleration, while the 1024 x 600 resolution 7" screen uses IPS technology for wide viewing angles. Being a capacitative touchscreen it also handles multitouch input. 

The OS is Android 2.2, with Flash 10.1 support-- soon upgradable to version 3.0. 

Connections come through 3G and wifi, as well as Bluetooth. Internal storage comes in either 4, 8 or 16GB eMMC memory-- expandable through micro-SD slot to up to 32GB.

The device also includes x2 cameras (2.0M front, 3.2M back) and GPS, and is already available for ordering. 

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A Tablet for Writing, and Only That

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boogie boardRemember writing slates? The slabs of flat black material on which people wrote with chalk before the days of electronics (or pen and paper, even)? Improv Electronic's Boogie Board is basically that, only updated by means of a pressure sensitive reflex LCD screen.

Pressure on the Boogie Board with either a finger or stylus (included) turns its screen from dark to light-- and that's all it does, really. No operating systems or apps getting in the user's way. Once one is done, hitting the erase button clears the the screen. 

Clearing the screen is also the only time the Boogie Board uses any power-- and Improv says its 2 button cells can power it for 50000 erase cycles.

It comes in either 8.5" or 10" screen sizes (including an 8.5" model fitting ring binders), and a message centre dock allows mounting on a wall or any flat surface-- which makes it perfect for hanging on the fridge. 

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Seagate's First Wireless HDD

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Seagate GoflexSeagate announces its GoFlex Satellite, its first wireless storage device connecting to any wifi-enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets. 

It connects to devices over wifi 802.11 b/g/n via either web browser or GoFlex Media app (available for iDevices) and also includes a USB 3.0 port. 

Seagate says it has up to 5 hours of battery life, with 25 hours' worth of standby time.

The GoFlex Satellite will be available this summer, with 500GB storage capacity. 

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Tegra Gets Four Cores

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Nvidia demos a quad-core version of its Tegra processor at Computex 2011, saying devices carrying the processor will start hitting the market in September 2011.

TegraBearing the codename "Kal-El" (that's Superman's Kryptonian name, won't you know), the quad-core Tegra should first appear in tablets, before showing up in smartphones. Nvidia fails to mention any vendors by name, but one can safely assume the list will include any of Nvidia's current partners (which include Motorola, Dell, Sony and Asus).

The company says the chip is not only be more capable than Tegra 2 but also is more power-efficient, resulting in better game graphics and longer battery lives.

Nvidia says this latest offering is the world's first quad-core tablet chip-- although one doubts Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are sitting on their laurels. In fact, Qualcomm announced a quad-core Snapdragon chip earlier this year at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress (where "Kal-El" was also first announced).

Meanwhile back at Computex, Nvidia also announces Tegra 2 shipments will reach 10m units by June's end. The chipset also receives another accolade at the show-- specifically the "Best Choice" award for smart handheld devices from the Taipei Computer Association.

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It's a Pad! It's a Phone! It's a... Padfone?

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PadfoneAsus combines the CE market's fastest growing categories (mobiles and tablets) into one device-- the Padfone, which it unveils at Taipei's Computex 2011.

Simply put, the Padfone is an Android smartphone with an included touchscreen tablet dock. The tablet carries its own battery cell, meaning it also expands the combined device's battery life.

The device dynamically switches displays whenever users connect the phone part to the tablet, while sharing data and 3G aconnection access between mobile and tablet parts.

More details are unavailable at the time of writing-- Asus is still to confirm its actual dimensions (the models at the show include a 4.3" smartphone and a 10.1" tablet) and the Android version it will carry.

The Padfone unveiling comes alongside a slew of other Asus announcements, including new notebook models (in Asus' UX and N series) and the Eee Pad MeMO 3D 7" Honeycomb tablet.

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