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The iPad 2 With Solid Gold (Pre)History

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We've seen plenty of blinged-out CE devices-- especially iDevices, for some reason-- yet we're sure Stuart Hughes' latest takes the "most luxurious" award, until something else manages to beat it.

Gold History iPad 2What makes the "Gold History Edition" iPad 2 unique is history-- or pre-history, rather. Its front frame consists of 75 million year-old Ammolite rock containing fragments from a 65 million year old T-Rex fossil thigh bone!

The device's rear is no less impressive-- with 2kg of 24 carat gold and an Apple logo formed out of 53 individually set diamonds.

Topping everything off is a home button consisting of a single cut diamond set within a platinum base containing 12 more diamonds.

There's 2 Gold History Edition iPads in existence-- each costing an affordable (ha!) £5000000. No mention of a similarly luxurious smart cover yet, though.

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Pierre Cardin Takes on Tablet

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Your more fashionable customers might want Pierre Cardin for their next tablet-- the haute couture designer announces the PC-7006 Android tablet. 

Pierre Cardin TabletIt runs last year's Android (version 2.2) and comes in a 7" form factor, complete with a Cortex A-8 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage (expandable via Micro SD cards) and built-in wifi. 

The package comes in a fancy leather case, which makes it look rather good. 

Those wanting 3G will need to accessorise though, since it only comes through a separately available dongle. 

This is actually Pierre Cardin's second attempt at tablets-- following its 2010 Windows-based effort.

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PierreCardin at CeBIT 2011

The Wearable Computer is Back

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WIMM Labs believes the future will come in small packages -- it unveils the WIMM platform, a miniature computer currently available in a limited number of developer preview kits.

WimmThe result of a partnership with Foxconn, the preview kit (known as the WIMM One) is a 1" slab packing a reflective colour touchscreen (160 x 160 resolution), wifi, Bluetooth and GPS radios, vibrate motor, accelerometer and magnetometer.

Running on Android 2.1, it comes complete with "micro apps" (such as world clock and calendar) and pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth to alert users of incoming calls and text messages as well as sharing the phone's network connection.

The preview kit includes a  wrist strap in which users can pop in the device (similar those on offer for iPad nanos). Music player and bicycle adapters are also in the works.

WIMM Labs is currently looking for developers (with a public SDK to be available in Q3 2011), as well as licensees willing to make products using the WIMMplatform.

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Lenovo Won't Wait for Windows 8

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Lenovo announces an IdeaPad tablet with an alternative to Android, for customers who won't do Google-- the Windows 7 carrying IdeaPad Tablet P1.

IdeapadPowering the Windows tablet is a 1.5Ghz Intel processor and a 10.1" 1280 x 800 capacitative touchscreen.

Providing storage is up to 2GB DDR2 memory, together with up to 64GB of SSD storage.

Connections come via Bluetooth, 3G, wifi, USB and Micro SD. It also carries a 2 megapixel camera on its front, while the touchscreen supports stylus input.

Lenovo says the battery provides 6 hours of usage.

The IdeaPad P1 should be available in Q4 2011, in either silver-gray or orange.

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A Look Inside Amazon's Tablet?

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Forbes puts DigiTimes and the WSJ's reports on Amazon's future tablet(s) together, thus compiling a list of the various companies providing what will go inside the in-the-works device.

Amazon TabletIt also adds an finding of its own-- Taiwan's Newmax is supplying the devices' camera lens. Newmax supplies lenses for a number of devices, including Microsoft's Kinect and Motorola's smartphones.

The OS will come through Google, with an Android version.

Wintek supplies touch panels, while fringe field switching (FFS) panel technology comes from Hydis, E-Ink Holdings' S. Korean subsidiary. Ilitek provides the LCD driver IC.

Unsurprisingly Foxconn is assembling an Amazon device (a 10.1" tablet) while Quanta Computer appears be also assembling an Amazon tablet (a 7" model).

As said last week, while Amazon will enter an overcrowded tablet scene, it does have an advantage over the competition-- thanks to its e-commerce experience, (not to mention its retail platform) and success in selling online media content and dealing with the cloud.

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