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Sharp Shows Pocket-Sized Robot/Phone Combo

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Trying to get a foot into the global mobile phone market, Sharp took a different route: they developed a pocket-sized robot which features a full smart phone. 

Baptized as RoboHon (combining the Japanese words for "robot" and "phone"), this robot/phone combo companion had its world premiere at CEATEC 2015 in Japan. 

This 20cm high robot walks, dances, talks, responds to questions, has a built in camera and a projector to beam images onto surfaces, speaks out when e-mails or text messages arrive. With incoming calls it is a phone but can also respond, or use built-in speakers. 

RoboHon can be carried in the breast pocket or in carrying cases already available. In a car, he sits on the dashboard. 

Sharp intends to market RoboHon in Japan first from February 2016 and plans a global roll-out in future. RoboHon first has to learn other languages than Japanese.

First reactions during the CEATEC show were quite impressive: despite a bulky form when compared to typical smartphones, Robohon created an uproar. Everybody seemed to fall in love with the little guy. From the land of the Tamagotchi, Wacky Wall Walkers, anime, karaoke, manga, RoboHon could be just the smartphone hit that Sharp is looking for...

[Reportage by Peter Weber, direct from CEATEC 2015]

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RoBoHoN in display

SanDisk Gets Type-C Ready

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SanDisk launches a first product featuring an integrated USB Type-C connector, making it ideal for future laptops and PCs, together with a 128GB iXpand Flash Drive designed for iPad and iPhone.

SanDisk Type CAs the name suggests, the Dual USB Drive with Type-C connector includes a regular USB 3.0 connector for data transfer between next- and current-gen devices and PCs. It is initially available in 32GB capacity and is compatible with the SanDisk Memory Zone Android device app.

Meanwhile the iXpand Flash Drive is ideal for cable- and internet connection-free data transfers between iDevices and Macs or PCs. Now available in 128GB capacity, it uses the companion iXpand Sync app to automatically sync, backup and transfer photos and videos, and also enables playback of videos in non-native AVI, MKV and WMV6 formats.


CES Heads to Asia

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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announces an Asian event-- International CES Asia, with an inaugural 2015 edition to take place on 25-27 May in Shanghai, China.

CES AsiaThe event is expected to draw business from all over the world showcasing products and technologies entering the Asian market. It will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in cooperation with Chinese tradeshow producer Intex Shanghai.

It is also the first CES-sponsored tradeshow in China since SINOCES in 2012.

“China is a critical driver of the global tech industry with an incredible opportunity to accelerate its innovation output," CEA CEO Gary Shapiro says. "At CES Asia, attendees will experience the innovation that defines the CE industry, with exclusive access to some of the top brands from China and around the world.”


The Conference for Buyers and Sellers

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The second edition of the International Trade Conference (ITC) brings together brokers, traders and distributors from across the globe at the 5-star Corinthia Hotel St. George, Malta.

ITC 1Organised by IGT/ICB/IPT and also sponsored by Channel Media Europe, the conference hosts key disties and traders for a huge range of consumer products, from iDevice accessories, to PC components and accessories, mobile phones and consumer electronics (TVs, games consoles, etc).

"The purpose of the conference is to help people meet each other face to face, and to find contacts and opportunities," says IPT/IGT/ICB managing director Anthony Elliot-Square.


MWC 2013 Opens, Explores "New Mobile Horizon"

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The mobile industry prepares device launches and announcements as Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 opens on 25 February at its new Fira Gran Via, Barcelona location.

MWC 2013Previous editions of the show took place at Fira Montjuic. The Fira Gran Via location is bigger, with a 240000 square metre area (up from 120000) offering exhibitors 94000 square metres of exhibition space.

Organisers GSMA give no mention of MWC 2013 exhibitor numbers as yet, but MWC 2012 housed around 1500 exhibitors.

As one expects all major industry players have something to show, even on the first day-- from Asus "viral" marketing (CG making the Christopher Colombus statue in Barcelona look like it is holding a phablet) and the glitzy Huawei press conference at former stock exchange Casa Llotje de Mar, to big Firefox OS hopes and partner news from Mozilla and Samsung revealing a launch date for the Galaxy S IV smartphone (14 March, New York).

MWC 2013 passes cost all of €699 at the most basic level-- further access to keynotes and conferences increases prices to up to €4999 for the ultimate Platinum level, which promises "unparalleled networking opportunities and exclusive access to key industry leaders."

Expect much more news from Barcelona as the show goes on from 25 to 28 February 2013.

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