The Way to a European Super-Telco?

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Telekom OrangeDeutsche Telekom and France Telecom-Orange announce their collaboration in a defined set of technology fields-- possibly leading to a European super-telco. 

The 2 companies will work together on sharing European radio access networks, improving users' roaming wifi experience, equipment standardisation, M2M standards, quality of cross-border services and technical cooperation on home media servers, cross-border e-Health service development, connected car technology and technical enablers for TV and video services. 

The agreement's first result is an M2M co-operation agreement, setting service quality and standards for cross-border machine communications. The companies say this will facilitate the development of e-Energy, e-Health, connected home and connected car service-- bringing about the "internet of things".

Countries covered by the new M2M standards are France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, and the agreement includes all mobile network operators affiliate with the 2 companies. It will also eventually expand globally through partnerships with other network operators. 

Go Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom-Orange to Explore Areas of Cooperation