Global Mobile Awards' Handset Winners

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The GSMA announces the winners for its 16th Global Mobile Awards at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress.

AwardsThe final awards winners got honoured at the event's evening awards ceremony-- Best Mobile Device and Device Manufacturer of the year.

Apple's iPhone 4 takes home the award for the year's best mobile device. The device needs no introduction-- now with 2 cameras (1 frontfacing and 1 backfacing), high resolution Retina display, HD video recording and multitasking (or rather fast app switching). It's also Apple's thinnest iPhone yet, with only 93mm's worth of thickness, as 2 panels of aluminosilicate glass sandwich a stainless steel band alongside all components.

Meanwhile HTC takes the device manufacturer award, thanks to its impressive handset range, beating the likes of Samsung and Apple. HTC already won the the best mobile phone prize last year, with the HTC Hero. As well as taking the award, the company launches its new smartphone series carrying its Sense technolgy-- the Desire S, Wildfire S and Incredible S.

Finally Vitality and AT&T take home the Best Embedded mobile Product (non handset) award with their Vitality GlowCaps. Users fit the device on their medicine bottles, which lights up and sends a phone call or text message to remind them to take their medication. The device also keeps track of users' opening of their pill bottle, recording data that can be used to create progress reports for both users and their caregivers and family members.

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