The Lightning-Enabled LXORY Wireless Charger

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Lxory Dual Charging PadMobile accessory maker LXORY presents a first at CES 2018-- the Dual Wireless Charging Pad, a wireless charger featuring a Lightning port, as well as the regular USB inputs.

The addition of a Lightning port makes the charger particularly useful for iDevice users, since they will not need to change cables when switching between wired and wireless charging. The pad charges up to two Qi-enabled devices simultaneously, and also includes a USB-A port for the wired charging of just about anything else.

Another interesting addition is a temperature sensor the company says protects devices from overheating. Maximum charging only reaches 5W, but it should not make much of a difference to Apple customers, since iPhone wireless charging tops at 7.5W.

The Dual Wireless Charging Pad is available now.

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