DxO One Camera Arrives on Android

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Camera software developer DxO announces an Android-compatible version of the One, a detachable camera accessory customers plug into their smartphones via USB-C port.

DxO OneFirst released back in June 2015, the original DxO One was iPhone-only, since it made use of the Lightning connector. The Android version should remain essentially identical. It features a 1-inch 20MP sensor (similar to the one found in the Sony RX100) paired with a f/1.8 maximum aperture lens and small mono OLED display, and can snap photos when used as a standalone device or paired with a smartphone and companion app.

The One proved popular enough to warrant a range of accessories, including an external battery pack, waterproof housing and a tilt stand. The current iPhone version is also getting a software update with features allowing for Facebook Live streaming, multi-camera streaming (using both One and iPhone cameras for multi-angle shots from a single device) and time-lapse complete with "auto-ramping" technology to avoid flicker.

The Android version of the One first launches as part of an "Early Access" program before general release.

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