How to Turn a Smartphone into a Game Boy

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Customers missing the handheld gaming experience of the classic Game Boy might be interested in the Hyperkin SmartBoy, an accessory adding physical controls and a Game Boy cartridge slot to Android phones.

SmartBoyThe SmartBoy was first presented by Hyperkin 2 years ago as an April Fool's joke, before the company decided to turn the joke into reality. It is compatible with Android phones with a USB-C port (such as the Google Pixel and Moto Z), and features the full Game Boy physcal button configuration, colour scheme and even grooves on the back for full tactile nostalgia.

It works via companion SmartBoy app, and should play nice with many of the emulators currently available on the Google Play Store. In addition it even handles original Game Boy cartridges-- although games take a while to load, since the SmartBoy essentially needs to dump the contents to the smartphone before running them through emulation.

The SmartBoy is currently available on a preorder basis, with shipments to start from 21 August 2017.

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