An Espresso... Via Mokase Smartphone Case?

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The idea behind the Mokase is equal parts intriguing and unlikely-- a smartphone case able to make to produce a tiny shot of espresso, wherever and whenever one wants it.

MokaseTo produce the espresso, the Mokase uses a built-in battery to heat a special "wafer" cartridge to 50-60 degrees Celsius. Starting the coffee-making process simply requires slotting the cartridge in the case before summoning an obligatory companion app.

After a "few seconds" the case pumps the espresso through a pipe made out of a aluminium-silicon pipe able to handle heat without releasing toxins. The maker does not specify the kind of coffee found inside the cartridge, but it does say it produces a 25ml shot (a standard espresso is 29ml).

As one might expect from such an unusual device, the Mokase is a crowdfunded project, specifically via the Kickstarter platform. It should fit multiple Apple, Samsung, Huawei and LG smartphones, and promises to ship from September 2017 should it reach a required ‚ā¨75000 by 18 June 2017.

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