Huawei Working on Own OS?

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China's Huawei is working on two software projects , The Information reports-- a different look for the Emotion UI Android skin and, far more ambitiously, an own mobile OS.

HuaweiInterestingly, according to the news story Huawei sets to fight criticisms of hardware and software design with an appearance all too similar to that of iDevices by hiring directly from the Apple stable. The employee in question is former longtime Apple designer Abigail Brody, who should provide the Emotion UI with an "own flair" able to grab the attentions of Western customers.

In addition, as mentioned earlier Huawei also plans to be even more like Apple by having an own alternative to Android. Huawei already develops own processors, the Kirin 950, through its HiSilicon subsidiary, making the integration of hardware and software easier than when using 3rd party chip designers such as Qualcomm or MediaTek.

Of course, Huawei is not the only big smartphone maker with software-based ambitions-- for instance Samsung has the long running Tizen project, although so far the Linux-based OS has found limited use in the company's smartwatches and a handful of prototype smartphones.

ZTE also has plans to develop a Linux-based mobile OS, as well as custom Application Processors.

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