Orange Shows New Megastores in France

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In the French cities of Lille and Lyon, Orange opens two operator stores, with over 400 m² dedicated to service and the customer experience.

Refering to their newest outlets as "the biggest telecom operator stores in Europe", Orange pioneers a new store concept, putting service at the heart of the customer experience. At least 20 sales staff and 12 techs are on site.

You could call this approach "Apple à l'Orange." These stores, like Apple stores, are service-centric, expansive, and loaded with customer comforts. Quite a change from the typical "squeezed" operator shops where you go to buy a handset or pay your landline bill and feel like you are in a kiosk.

Orange megastore

The Orange megastore wants to encourage visitors in a  “voyage of discovery” and...

  • Take it easy in the wifi lounge so they can “recharge their batteries”
  • Test  Orange products, with full connectivity and unrestricted access
  • Explore four Specialist Areas (TV, music, sport and games)
  • Experiment with tomorrow’s tech in an Innovation Space
  • Deal with usage issues at the “service bar”: product configuration, customer service, express exchange,  diagnostics, device recycling...
  • Take advantage of “private lessons” (training, demonstrations, interactive learning tools...)
  • Find solutions for business needs in the Pro Space
  • Enjoy a vibrant environment with activities and events

Designed by Malherbe Design and Orange, the megastores meet the standards of the WWF's environmental charter.

“At our new megastores, our customers are plunged into the heart of a new and sometimes surprising world. We wanted this exceptional piece of design to focus on comfort, with its fundamental link to the essence of service. We want to be more than a telecoms operator; we want to be a service operator, to be the “personal trainer” in our customers’ digital world,” declares Delphine Ernotte, Executive VP, Orange France.

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